8 thoughts on “Windows 7 Heartbeats!”

  1. http://www.ex.ua/view/185895 Direct download available

    Windows 7 Ultimate, Retail (ron), x86 x64 [Original]
    Raf-9600, 9:45, 28 October 2009, 11:09, 28 October 2009

    Language: Romanian
    Edition: Ultimate
    Type: Retail
    Distribution: DVD
    Bit: x86 :: x64
    Build: 16385
    Build Date: 2009.07.14 (GMT -8)


    MD5: b4d7652c4b988c362d7e943d184d2022
    SHA1: 57bd2a843b9d65020d27b410ee3087027862275f
    CRC32: e7eb8477
    eDonkey: CE1C5FA3F5D179DE625C687451B90BB0


    MD5: 916244ad20b9083547eb5c523d79bb5c
    SHA1: ba7078b0c03236dc3dcee2c0fa47904b2fafb3f9
    CRC32: 29639091
    eDonkey: CADF2562AD66597D9C670B0525BE0370

  2. The links you provided will be updated in the Windows 7 Download section of the blog. Thanks again mauro! Your info is allways appreciated.
    PS: i saw the above video on your site.. so the via link goes to you 😀

  3. thank you y posted the other links for the other versions dont now if you got them if not let me now on my email for all versions by the way i opend the website content for a few days maybe there is something you like take a look

  4. as dori si eu ultima versiune la wondows 7 ultimate ultima versiune un cd key valabil dar in limba engleza
    de unde pot sa il iau

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